• Topical Corticosteroids • Skin atrophy • Striae distensae of the skin • Telangiectasia • Cutaneous infection • Sometimes contact allergy could happen as a result of corticosteroids itself • Rarely hypercorticolism (Cushing's, hypertension and... View Post
  • DermaMed Pharmaceutical Inc. focuses on product innovation, development and manufacturing in large markets where the benefits of controlled delivery of therapeutic herbal active ingredients can create value in treating skin diseases, arthritis, hemorrhoids, cold, flu, sinusitis and migraine. In o... View Post
  • Allergic Contact DermatitisDue to contact with a substance that might be harmless to others. • Itchiness • Red and swollen skin • Vesicular eruptions (water bubbles) Atopic DermatitisExaggerated cutaneous response to environmental antigen (house mites) ... View Post