• Eczema Season & Why Fall Flare-Ups Happen

    Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a chronic, recurring condition with cycles of “flares” (active or new patches of eczema) and remissions. People with eczema usually have a sensitive immune system that responds to certain internal or external triggers by producing inflammation or "flare ups" which c... View Post
  • Natural Products Upcoming Events Summer - Fall 2019

    Vancouver Folk Music Festival  This summer you can meet us at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival on July 19 to 21. We will be proudly presenting our natural and eco-friendly products for both children and adults and you will have a chance to buy the products that you like.  CHFA East  If you... View Post
  • List of Events

    UPCOMING EVENTS LOHAS Expo Hong Kong - Feb. 22-24, 2019 If you're in Hong Kong, visit our booth at the LOHAS Expo from Feb. 22 - 24! CHFA West - Feb. 23-24, 2019 Come meet us at the 2019 CHFA West in Vancouver this Feb. 23 & 24! The Health and Wellness Show - Mar. 9-10, 2019 We'll be at Trade... View Post